17. January 2019
New GomOrderflow and GomMP available, with lots of new features, like autosizer for GomOrderflow and timezoned session management for GomMP
27. September 2018
A couple updates for NT8 : Free GomCD Cumulative Delta indicator availabe • Orderflow Values and Levels indicators now compatible with Bloodhound and Market Analyzer • New DeltaOnly TextMode in the OrderFlow • Access to all orderflow buy/sells values is for custom indicators/strategies • All NinjaTrader indicators are available in the Orderflow custom formulas
10. March 2018
Gomorderflow 2.2 is available with added high/low ratios, and custom user-defined signals and values.
09. February 2018
New indicators available : GomRenko for SierraChart, and GomRenko MultiTop MultiTimeframe levels.
08. December 2017
Gomorderflow 2.1 is available with demo NT7 and NT8 strategies.
27. November 2017
GomOrderFlowPro 2.0 is available ! Includes plenty of new features ; moreover, orderflow data times series are now available to allow backtesting ideas.