29. January 2022
New GomOrderflow 2.5 available
New Orderflow 2.5 contains a lot of new features : Pullback column, Reversal Tools, Sweep detection, Diagonal Delta, Custom Color schemes for ultimate chart tidyness, Alerts on S/R zone invalidation, and other minor cosmetic improvements !
31. October 2021
New GomMP 5.7  and more Delta tools available
New GomMP 5.7 contains LastNBars plot mode and has had a major performance rewrite Also available new Delta tools : GomDeltaVolume and GomDeltaMomentum on Ninjatrader platforms
25. October 2020
New GomOrderflow 2.4 and GomMP 5.6 available
New GomOrderflow and GomMP available, with lots of new features, like current bid/ask for GomOrderflow and new DeltaColor coloring scheme for GomMP
28. June 2019
New GomMP 5.5 available
New version of GomMP includes Weekly and Monthly profiles, and new GomMP-Levels indicator/study exposing current and previous POC,VAH,VAL,VWAP . Ninjatrader access to HVN and LVN is also provided
17. January 2019
New GomOrderflow 2.3 and GomMP 5.4 available
New GomOrderflow and GomMP available, with lots of new features, like autosizer for GomOrderflow and timezoned session management for GomMP
27. September 2018
New NT8 package available
A couple updates for NT8 : Free GomCD Cumulative Delta indicator availabe • Orderflow Values and Levels indicators now compatible with Bloodhound and Market Analyzer • New DeltaOnly TextMode in the OrderFlow • Access to all orderflow buy/sells values is for custom indicators/strategies • All NinjaTrader indicators are available in the Orderflow custom formulas
10. March 2018
New Orderflow 2.2 available
Gomorderflow 2.2 is available with added high/low ratios, and custom user-defined signals and values.
09. February 2018
New indicators available : GomRenko for SierraChart, and GomRenko MultiTop MultiTimeframe levels.
08. December 2017
New Orderflow 2.1 available
Gomorderflow 2.1 is available with demo NT7 and NT8 strategies.
27. November 2017
New Orderflow 2.0 available !
GomOrderFlowPro 2.0 is available ! Includes plenty of new features ; moreover, orderflow data times series are now available to allow backtesting ideas.