GomDeltaSuitePro indicators

GomDeltaSuitePro of indicators is composed of 3 free indicators for Ninjatrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8

  • GomCD
  • GomDeltaVolume
  • GomDeltaMomentum

GomCD : Cumulative Delta

GomCD is a free delta/cumulative delta indicator available for NinjaTrader 8


Delta Calculation

BidAsk :

  • standard Delta calculations, trades occuring at Bid are Sells, those occuring at Ask are buys

UpDownTick  :

  • if the price of the current trade is higher than previous trade, current trade is a buy, and all trades happenings at the same price will be buys
  • if the price of the current trade is lower than previous trade, current trade is a sell, and all trades happenings at the same price will be sells


Force Intrabar Updates On Historical Data

By default, on Historical data , the bars are computed only once per bar , and it updates the previous closed bar.

This can create issues if you are GomCD as data source for other indicators, like calculating the EMA of a GomCD, using "On Each Tick".

In this case , enable this setting, but it will slow down a little the loading times

Size filtering:Max Tick Size

Maximum tick size used to calculate the delta. This allows to show only the small size trades

Value of -1 (default) means no filtering.

Size filtering:Min Tick Size

Minimum tick size used to calculate the delta. This allows to show only the large size trades.

Delta Chart Type

  • Cumulative : delta is not reset after each bar, the chart shows the delta, accumulated bar after bar
  • Non Cumulative : delta is reset after each bar

Reinit On Session Break

If true, the cumulative delta is reset on the start of a new session

Candlestick settings

Plot Candlesticks

If true, candlesticks are show (default)

If false, a standard Plot series is shown and can be modified

Paint Type

This setting defines the paint color mode of the candlesticks.

  • UpDown : standard mode, if Open>Close => UpColor  ; if Open<Close =>DownColor
  • StrongUpDown : if Close>PreviousHigh => Upcolor ; if Close < PreviousLow => DownColor ; else => NeutralColor
  • None : All the bars have NeutralColor

Show Outline

If true, an outline is shown around the candlesticks

Enhance wicks

When true, wicks have  double-size width to enhance visibility.


GomDeltaVolume is another representation of the delta. It is not cumulative.

I will expose Buying Volume (UpVolume) and Selling Volume (DownVolume) in distinct Plot timeseries


Show Total Volume

Will enable the Total Volume data series (blue by default)

Example with Total Volume disabled :

Delta Mode

False : Shows Buying and Selling volume separately, with positive green bars and negative red bars

True : Shows Abs(Buying Volume - Selling Volume). Resulting bar is green or red depending on Sign(Buying Volume - Selling Volume)

Reverse Negative Volume

If true, Sell Volume becomes negative

Example with setting disabled:


Delta is accumulated as long as the current bar's delta is of the same sign than the current accumulated value.

For instance if the current accumulated is positive (aggressive buying), we will continue to accumulate positive delta.

If current bar's delta is negative, we start again with the negative value.