All versions include 14 days free trial.

Activation of the trial license

On NinjaTrader, import the indicators and instantiate the indicators on a chart. If you get a licensing message, please restart NinjaTrader. The trial should be automatically activated.

On Sierra Charts, please send me your Sierra login id (no password) using the contact form to activate the trials on the studies.

GomProPack (OrderFlow & MP & FREE GomCD) Files

Caution Sierra users, upgrading will break your charts, you will need to rebuilt them.

Please be sure to capture/store your study settings before upgrading


V11  : 2020/10/03  Contains GomOrderFlow 2.4 and GomMPPro 5.6
          NinjaTrader 7 :

NinjaTrader 8 :

          Sierra Chart : GomProPackSetupV11b.exe

GomBang Files

V2  : 2018/02/08 
          NinjaTrader 7 :

NinjaTrader 8 :

Installation instructions

NinjaTrader 7:

Installation : import the zip file using File/Utilities/Import Ninjascript...


NinjaTrader 8 :

Installation : import the zip file using Tools/Import/Ninjascript...


Sierra Chart:

Minimum build :  1706 build, check using Help/About. If needed, download latest version using Help/Download Current Version

Studies require Visual Studio 2019 runtime and .Net 4.6 runtime, both available here

Run installer and choose Sierra install folder. Caution Infinity users, install path should be C:\SierraChart\SierraChartTransActMA

Studies available through "Add Custom Study" button