GomRenko and GomBang available!

2 new indicators/studies are available today on Gomicators


This study for SierraChart uses the UniRenko logic as published on futures.io, and adds many unique features, including

  • Variable tick size as % of the current price. Very useful on Bitmex charts
  • Ability to show price gaps (this info is lost with 'normal' Renko bars)
  • Different choices of altering Open and Close prices
  • Display prices at which the next Renko bar will start
  • Allow to enter stop orders on the chart with one click, including auto-trailing.


GomBang is a MultiTop/MultiTimeFrame indicator. It will

  • show double/multitop levels along with the number of touches
  • show on a chart the multitop levels from other charts, allowing correlation and confluence from other time frames.