New GomOrderflow 2.3 and GomMP 5.4 available

Please check the documentation downloadable  here for more information. New functionalities can be found by searching for "new in 2.3" or "new in 5.4"

The new packages include the following updates

For NinjaTrader 7

Backported the latest NinjaTrader 8 GomOrderflow features. See previous post. Features are :

  • Free GomCDPro on NinjaTrader  7
  • All Orderflow individual bar buy/sell values are now available via Ninjascript. This allows you to code your own indicators based on the contents of the bars.
    Samples are available for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 as  the GomTestBuySells indicator available here
  • The GomOrderFlow-Custom interpreter has been improved, it is now possible to use NinjaTrader indicators in formulas, so  EMA(Delta;12)[0] will plot the 12-EMA of the Delta


Auto Scale will now automatically set cells height to the the correct size : no need to keep changing the size of the bars to be able to read the numbers. This can be toggled on/off using * key (or ctrl * on NinjaTrader 8).

Auto Scale On
Auto Scale On
Auto Scale Off
Auto Scale Off

Added a DeltaOnly Color Mode

Added BuySells as Top/Bottom Elements

Added a FillType (Full/Outline) to   the POC/UA cells, the outline mode allowing  to see the painted data below them if needed

Fill = Full
Fill = Full
Fill = Outline
Fill = Outline

Ability to have the Top/Bottom data fonts larger and/or bold to increase readability


Added timezoned custom session management , this allows to plot only specific periods of the profile, or to split the day in multiple sessions and multiple profiles. TimeZone management will automatically adjust session times on summer/winter time changes.

Added a ValueArea color mode

Added EveryNBar Plot mode, it will reset the profile every N bars, so you can watch a 5 min profiles on 10 second bars using N=30

Added  VAPercent parameter, allowing to change the Value Area % setting (default is standard 70%,  a Gaussian 1  standard deviation would yield 68%)

Custom Profiles are now persisted when reloading the charts or changing the bar type


If you expired your trial credits, you can request a new 7 day trial to explore new features.

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