New Orderflow 2.2 available

It includes the following updates:

For All Platforms

  • Imbalance settings are now 2 complete independent conditions, each one of them being a Direction (Horizontal-Diagonal) , a Comparison (Ratio, Difference), and a Threshold. 1 or 2 conditions can be used.
  • Imbalance now have a MaxSizeLosingSize and a MinSizeWinningSize, allowing to build a S/R zone on a series of levels that have a very low number of contracts on one side, for instance 5 levels with 0 or 1 contract on the buy side. In that case, use MaxSizeLosingSize=1 .
  • Added Candle RatioHigh and RatioLow to gauge buyer/seller power on the candle edges (see doc)
  • Added IsSellImbalanceOnLow, IsBuyImbalanceOnLow, IsSellImbalanceOnHigh, IsBuyImbalanceOnHigh in the GomOrderFlowValues indicator, available for use in strategies.
  • Added a setting to extend the S/R Zones to the extreme right of the chart.

For NinjaTrader

  • Added the possibility,using the Flee expression evaluator, to build custom indicators with no coding needed
  • GomOrderFlowPro-Custom-Value will create a custom value based on the formula you define in the settings. For instance, the default setting show the delta %, the formula is Delta[0]/Volume[0]*100. You can even use complex formulas using conditions like in an Excel formula : if(condition, valuetrue, valuefalse).
  • GomOrderFloPro-Custom-UpDownSignals will show Up and Down symbols , using the formulas you provide. For instance the default setting will show delta divergence, up signal is Close[0] > Open[0] and Delta[0]<0
  • Any value value from GomOrderFlowValues indicator can be used, plus Open,High,Close,Low,Volume.
  • The evaluator builds a custom class with the formulas when it loads and compiles it, so the performance is the same than if it had been coded in a custom indicator.


For SierraChart

  • Added a 64 version.
  • Changed the Visual Studio runtime from 2010 to 2017


Please check the documentation downloadable here for more information

If you expired your trial credits, you can request a new 7 day trial to explore new features.