New Orderflow 2.0 available !

It includes the following updates:

General Usability

  • Added some headroom on top/bottom of the chart so no need to resize all the time
  • Last tick is highlighted in yellow, so it's easier to see the price action in the bar realtime
  • S/R zones have their own coloring settings, and the S/R zones are now shown realtime in the bar when they are appearing, no need to wait for the candle to close
  • When showing delta and volume bars, delta can now have its own scale to be more easily seen ; it used to be too small when scaled like volume.

Added features

  • Imbalance settings now have separate diagonal/horizontal settings.
  • Added number of imbalance levels and volume of imbalance levels on top/bottom of the candle
  • Candles have now 3 completely customizable zones on top and bottom, to show a selection of Delta,Volume,DeltaFinish,DeltaMinMax,ImbalanceCount, ImbalanceVolume (see pic)
  • Added a new choice to cancel the S/R Zones: when they are crossed by a certain number of ticks.

Added Plots, working with NinjaTrader strategies and Bloodhound.

There are 2 indicators containing exposed plots :

1. GomOrderFlowValues :

Contains :

  • Buys,Sells,Delta,Finish,MaxDelta,MinDelta,Volume
  • HighCOT,LowCOT,POCPrice,IsHighUA,IsLowUA,
  • NbSupportZones, NbResistZones,
  • NbBuyImb,VolBuyImb,NbSellImb,VolSellImb,
  • IsBuyingReversal,IsSellingReversal

Hope the names are self-meaning :-)

contains the nearest upper 5 and lower 5 levels of

  • POC & Naked POC
  • Unfinished Auctions and Naked UA
  • Support and Resisitance zones.

I'm including pics of POC and UA plot on NinjaTrader 8, and plots of S/R zones and NinjaTrader 7/Ninja Trader 8, and NinjaTrader 8/SierraChart


  • Dropped the vertical autosizer, it was too confusing, use Ticks perf price level instead
  • Added a Recording OK/KO message for the recorder status on NT7
  • Removed unfinished auctions happening on the open the bar, they were usually are artefacts of the bar, created on trending bars.

Of course, all this is for NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8 and Sierrachart.

 If you expired your trial credits, you can request a new 7 day trial to explore new features.