New NT8 package available

A couple new features have been added to the NinjaTrader8 version, most will be added in the NT7/Sierra version in the next major release

Free GomCD for NT8

A free GomCD cumulative delta indicator is now included in the GomProPack release.

New DeltaOnly TextMode in Orderflow

Access to all price buy/sell values from custom indicators

It is now possible to build your own orderflow analysis system, since all the bar buy/sell values are accessible for custom indicator. A sample indicator computing maximum buys and sells in a bar is available here

Access to all NinjaTrader indicators in custom formulas

Any NinjaTrader indicator can now be used in custom formulas, allowing to test very simply new ideas using combination of OrderFlow or Ninjatrader Indicator Values.

Here is how you can build a simple MA crossover system with 2 simple formulas