New GomMP 5.7 and more Delta tools available

Please check the documentation downloadable  here for more information. New functionalities can be found by searching for  "new in 5.7"

Documentation for the Delta tools is here 


The new packages include the following updates


The MP has undergone a massive performance rewrite. Plot time can be checked by activating the "secret" Shift/Ctrl/Alt P key. Plotting time is displayed on the upper left


The smoothing algorithm has been rewritten an now runs in constant time , whatever the smoothing setting is, the 3 following charts use smoothings set at 0, 20 and 1042, and they all plot around 2-3 ms.

Added LastNBars to the as a plot mode, example with N=6 showing the last 30 min a  5 min chart

Delta Tools


GomDeltaVolume is another representation of the delta. It is not cumulative.

I will expose Buying Volume (UpVolume) and Selling Volume (DownVolume) in distinct Plot timeseries


Delta is accumulated as long as the current bar's delta is of the same sign than the current accumulated value.


If you expired your trial credits, you can request a new 7 day trial to explore new features.