New GomMP 5.5 available

Please check the documentation downloadable  here for more information. New functionalities can be found by searching for "new in 5.5"


Enhancements on main indicator/study

Plots modes

  • Added Monthly and Weekly plot modes
  • EveryNBars : this mode is used to draw a profile every N bar, it is now time synchronized if used on a time based chart ; so if if it's wanted to draw a profile every minute on a 10 sec chart, using N=6, the profile will stayed synced on drawing a profile every minute, even if some 10 sec bars are missing (because of a low volatility period).


Weekly Bars:

New GomMPPro-Levels indicator/study

This new indicator/study provides plots/subgraphs for POC VAH VAL VWAP.

It also provides an API for HVN LVN price access on NinjaTrader


  • The indicator provides current and previous period POC, VAH, VAL and VWAP plots, on NinjaTrader and SierraCharts
  • These plots are available for use in Market Analyzer, Strategies, Custom indicators. 
  • A sample strategy fading previous POC is available here
  • Available periodicities are Bar, EveryNBar, Daily,Weekly,Monthly

Access to HVN/LVN data

On NinjaTrader, it is possible to access HVN/LVN values using NinjaScript.

There is an example of how to do this using the GomTestMPLevels indicator available here